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  1. ismiy Aug 26, 2015

    OMG guys!

    you wouldn't imagine what happened today! I feel sooooo


    thats right. thanks for bearing with me all these empty years XD

  2. Ephemeral-Garden Oct 08, 2012

    Kozu you're still here :DDD It's not dead yet I tell you! Neverrrrrr!

  3. Kozumura Sep 08, 2012

    stop beating a dead horse :X

  4. Ephemeral-Garden Aug 24, 2012

    *knocks* Hello hello?

    Anyone here? I kinda miss this place being lively :')

  5. RahX101 Jun 10, 2012


    I hope you're all doing well!

  6. EvoIIICE9A Apr 21, 2012

    Quote by Ephemeral-GardenYeah, I agree. I miss this place a lot. Being all silly and stuff. Wait we had a pet called Lampy remember? @.@

    Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaampy <3 Oh that is really going back. I can't believe you still remember. Waaah!

  7. Kozumura Mar 11, 2012

    Stop necroing the group ephe xD

  8. Ephemeral-Garden Feb 29, 2012

    Quote by EvoIIICE9AAhhh the memories of this place *__* we had some good times.

    Yeah, I agree. I miss this place a lot. Being all silly and stuff. Wait we had a pet called Lampy remember? @.@

  9. EvoIIICE9A Oct 02, 2011

    Ahhh the memories of this place *__* we had some good times.

  10. ismiy Apr 30, 2011

    Quote by Kozumura

    Quote by ismiyWow..... This is sooooo quiet. great!


    If I hadn't posted you might have returned only to poop again! but seriously, it's darn quiet. lets have a contest.

  11. Kozumura Apr 30, 2011

    Quote by ismiyWow..... This is sooooo quiet. great!


  12. ismiy Apr 26, 2011

    Wow..... This is sooooo quiet. great!

  13. Kozumura Dec 22, 2010

    kozu here leaving his poop on this guestbook >:3

  14. omni Sep 19, 2010

    I've linked this page from the newly reincarnated M.G.C.S., and there's nothing you can do about it!

    ...oh, wait, Kuri's a mod.


  15. EvoIIICE9A Mar 19, 2010

    Quote by Ephemeral-GardenLOL TREC was AWESUUUM.

    OMG. Those were the days.

  16. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Mar 03, 2010

    Lol only like 3 more spaces (or 2 if flyin participates) - if anyone is floating around and sees this, this comp will launch very soon as soon as the numbers are filled!

  17. Ephemeral-Garden Feb 20, 2010

    Rejoice for we have 15 people in the updated thread YAY. And Kunie Artbook lying next to my shel-yang artbooks :pp

    Can't wait for the whole thing to begin. We can do this guys!

  18. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Feb 10, 2010

    Yay! Thanks for the support Ephie *hugs* :3 The more the merrier XD

    At the moment what's going through my head is a 24 person knockout. Not sure how it'd go because that's 5 rounds (including the final) and it'll take about 3 months to finish the competition D:

    I realised that the weapons being stuff like "pentool" or "paintbrush" were just too hard, so I've gotten another idea to replace it. Actually, since it seems that I've gotten the draft down, I'll make another group announcement and post the draft up and see how it goes? It might be better that way to see how many people are interested before I start the competition up >:) BRB group announcing XD

    .... CRAP. I forgot how to announce? Dx *frantically searches*

    merged: 02-16-2010 ~ 06:06am
    *Pops in*

    Hello all!

    I'm just dropping by to let you all know that I am planning a competition.


    It's either 16 or 24 people, and it's a sudden death knock out competition. The details are still underway, but most of it is pretty much decided. I'm hoping to launch this competition latest mid-March, but to do so, I need to get a fair idea of the numbers of people who want to join in.

    The winner receives a copy of Kunie Kanbara's latest artbook, ECHO in the mail.
    If you scan the entire artbook and submit to the Minitokyo, you will receive a lot of credits. Not to mention, you can wall the scans, too :)

    If you know anyone who would like to join, please let them know (I'll love you for it!) - or if you're interested in judging, please PM me, as I have 3 more judging slots open. Thanks!

  19. Ephemeral-Garden Feb 09, 2010

    LOL TREC was AWESUUUM. The listening to the DDR part was a serious surprise. I forgot what the song was about but I still remember my direct expression was o.O So as WAR though I was still pretty clueless and green at that time XP

    Whatever you're planning ahead Misa count me in; I'll second your every ideas. I'm still in contact with a couple of wallers, want me to tell them about ur plans? I can put it in my DevArt account as a journal entry *winks*

  20. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Feb 07, 2010

    Hmmm fair enough tishdon :) The competition so far is probably a large knockout tree, but not limited to groups. Individuals are free to join so it's just all for one.

    There'll be a collab round, I think. I'll have to see how many people get to me during the month of March. ;)

  21. tishdon Feb 06, 2010

    I'm still semi-active, but not a lot of activity in this group at the moment to start discussion. Unfortunately i'm not interested in a competition, as I don't think I have enough artistic spark left to join a competition at the moment. But who know the theme may interest me, so i'm not a no vote.

  22. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jan 21, 2010

    Hi everyone - I'm back - X_X

    After a craptastic 2009 and losing my Minitokyo password, hopefully I'm here to sort-of-stay.

    Gosh, I feel so disorientated >_> *goes to explore*

    EDIT/ Though a bit late since Ephie's post was like 29 weeks ago, I went through my old threads and upon reading them, I couldn't even frigging remember a darn thing about the competitions I held. Did I seriously invent The Rotten Egg Challenge and hold arete ii?

    I wish there was a bit more activity. TREC was seriously ridiculously fun from what I remember. Remember having to listen to a DDR song and make a background for it? Ahahaha... those were the days :\ W.A.R was really fun, too.

    Sigh. Nostalgia.

  23. omni Oct 22, 2009

    I think I might vaguely remember a few of the names here.

    Very vaguely, mind you.

  24. tishdon Sep 30, 2009

    @ baka007 anyone who attempts anything Skip Beat is more then welcome. I didn't realize the artist was someone from this group when I downloaded it, so forgive me if I didn't comment but it was one of the first walls I used when I connected my new huuugggeee widescreen monitor.

    @ terra-chan *squeal* half prince picture(s)! Must 'watch you' for future half prince picy's.

    Blew the dust off my Meru Peri work-in-progress vector when I got a new idea -stained glass- pretty and keeps with the fairy tale feel of the original manga scan. Maybe nothing will come of it but I am trying to revive walling efforts.

    *note* things just look some much better viewed large on widescreen :)

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